presentation: As palavras | Las palabras by Saskia Moro

2 / 10 / 2019

On 15 October Ivorypress hosted the launch of As palavras / Las palabras, a book by Saskia Moro. The artist will be joined by Pilar del Río, director of the Fundação José Saramago, Manuel Gordillo, editor, and Pedro Berhan da Costa, Cultural Affairs Counsellor at the Portuguese Embassy.

In this artist’s book, made in an edition of seventeen, Saskia Moro has worked with José Saramago’s text As palavras as a point of departure for the artist’s visual and material creations. This book-object engages the written word as its subject matter and deploys traditional techniques to construct its message and meaning. This book is a game of transparencies that enunciates, to great effect, the artist’s motivating interest: opposites.

The event will include a reading of Jose Saramago’s As Palavras in Spanish by his widow, Pilar del Río, and in Portuguese by Pedro Berhan da Costa. From 15 to 23 October, the book will be exhibited along with the sketches and documents that made it possible in the display vitrines in the main gallery space at Ivorypress.

This presentation will be a part of the 17ª Mostra da Cultura Portuguesa in Spain.